Violent Crime

police-dog-1492777A violent crime occurs when a person uses (or threatens to use) violence to harm another person, including rape, aggravated assault, and murder. The penalties for violent crimes are stiff; conviction almost always carries substantial jail time. If you are accused of a violent crime, you need an attorney with experience in that particular crime, one who will understand how to best defend you based on your facts and circumstances. Sometimes the state will offer a “plea bargain,” meaning they will drop or lower the charges if you agree to a lesser crime. A violent crime lawyer will be able to evaluate the state's case and the terms of the bargain to suggest how to proceed in your best interests.

Attorney Jack Mannion, a former prosecutor, has handled virtually every type of crime on the books in Florida. While any crime is serious, violent crimes often involve lengthy incarceration. Jack has handled cases involving murder, aggravated battery, career criminals, and firearms. Call us at (407) 732-6040 to schedule a free consultation.

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