Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief

pleading-hands-1438023If you file a lawsuit and lose the case, you can appeal the decision to the next highest court, which is called the appellate court. Appellate lawyers often specialize in arguing appeals; that is, they specialize in arguing why the decision of the lower court was wrong (or why it was right, for the party that won). Appellate attorneys specialize in appeals because they understand the specific and detailed rules that must be followed. It is possible to lose an appeal on technicalities, even when the law is on your side. If you want to appeal the outcome of the trial court, or if you need to argue against another person's appeal, you should work with an appellate attorney.

For those convicted of a crime, a motion for post-conviction relief may be filed if your appeal has been denied. These proceedings allow the trial court one final opportunity to review your conviction. However, even though the motion is filed in the trial court, the rules of procedure are strictly followed as they are in appeals.

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